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After quite a long break, Biante Model Cars are very pleased to present one of the first 1:64 Scale models that we have produced in quite a long time; the Ford XY Falcon GTHO Phase III in Yellow Glow.

In 1971 Ford Australia released a Falcon which would not only become the most iconic car produced by the blue brand in Australia, but perhaps the most iconic car in Australian motoring history.

The Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III was, and arguably still is, the ultimate Australian muscle car. With a unique high output 351 cubic inch V8 that propelled the XY to a quarter mile time of under 14.5 seconds, this car was definitely ahead of its time and could push significantly more expensive European sports cars to their limit.

Combining this with a striking palette of colours, GT stripes, decals and the instantly recognisable aggressive air intake protruding through the bonnet, the Ford XY Falcon GTHO was, and still is an extremely special car to own. With only 300 genuine XY GTHO Phase III’s being produced, it is one of Australia’s most replicated cars, often being copied by enthusiasts less fortunate to own a genuine Phase III.

As previously mentioned, this is the first 1:64 Scale model that we will have produced in a number of years. The reason for the lack of 1:64 Scale models in recent years is largely due to being unable to produce these models to our required levels of detail while maintaining a reasonable regular retail price point for this scale for collector’s. In order to produce these models in the current market has meant that something needed to change.

So these models still have exactly the same levels of detail seen in previous releases in this scale from us, the only difference is they will no longer come packaged in an Acrylic Display case. Instead, they will come in a boxed plastic clam style package. This new packaging is still the same size as our previous minicar releases so storing them with your exisiting collection shouldn’t be a problem. Other than that though, the models are still die-cast with nice detail, we think collectors will agree that this model will be a welcome addition to the Biante Minicar range.