Biante Website Releases - Wednesday, May 22nd

Biante Website Releases - Wednesday, May 22nd

This week Biante Model Cars is proud to release new versions of the iconic 48-215 and FJ Holdens in 1:64 scale plus something very different for you - the Holden Workhorses Enamel Penny Collection, a superb collection of nine gold-plated Australian pennies that pay tribute to the working vehicles that helped get Australia back on its feet in the post-war era.

B641501A - 1:64 Holden 48-215 - Forester Green
B641501B - 1:64 Holden 48-215 - Black

The 48-215 was officially unveiled by Prime Minister Ben Chifley on the 29th of November, 1948. Based on a stillborn Chevrolet proposal, it was the first complete car to bear the Holden name after three decades concentrating on building bodies for various other brands (including Ford!) To begin with, although officially designated 48-215, the car was marketed simply as the "Holden". Produced between 1948 and 1953, the Australian public quickly took the mid-sized sedan to their heart. The subsequent retrospective, unofficial usage of the FX name actually originated within Holden, referring to the updated suspension of the 1953 model 48-215.

Our 1:64 scale replica of the 48-215 is a beautifully crafted and detailed model, and the first version we have produced for quite a long time,  so don’t miss it.

B641601A - 1:64 Holden FJ Special - Birch Grey

The Holden FJ range replaced the original 48-215 and ran from 1953 to 1957. The FJ came in various shapes and styles and included a Standard, Business and Special Sedan, a Coupe Utility and Panel Van.

The Special Sedan (on which this model is based) was essentially the luxury version of the FJ. While mechanically identical to the Standard sedan it featured leather bench seats instead of vinyl, front door arm rests, courtesy interior light, a cigarette lighter, chrome surrounds around the gauges and more. The exterior upgrades included chrome window trims, small fins on the rear guards and the boot lid featured a Holden Special badge.

The FJ is an important car in Australia’s automotive history because for many families it was the first time they had owned a car. The affordability and wide choice of models giving the end consumer more choice is even credited by some as one of the factors that helped the Australian economy rebound after World War II.

Like the 48-215, this 1:64 scale replica of the FJ Special is a beautifully crafted and detailed model, and the first new version we have produced for some time.

ZD18513 - Holden Workhorses Enamel Penny Collection

This officially-licensed Holden release celebrates the marque's contribution to  Australia with nine original pennies, each featuring a full-colour enamel design on the reverse. 

Original Australian pennies form the perfect canvas for these nostalgic designs. Issued until the introduction of decimal currency in 1966, the penny was considered as Australian as the kangaroo on its reverse! These coins were issued during the reigns of King George V, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, so your coins may bear the portraits of any or all of these monarchs. Each penny has been finished in 24-carat gold, giving it a beautiful, timeless lustre and showcase eight working Holden vehicles, with a ninth honouring their service to Australia. 

This limited edition set is housed in a stylish presentation case, accompanied by an individually-numbered certificate of authenticity, making this a perfect gift for for any lover of classic Australian cars.