Biante Website Releases - Wednesday, June 26th

Biante Website Releases - Wednesday, June 26th

Biante Model Cars are very pleased to release two new iconic Australian machines to our stable of cars.



The Holden Sandman is a car that is uniquely Australian, representing our free-spirited and beach loving lifestyle that was at the height of its popularity during the late '60s and early '70s. Available in a range of striking colours and bold decal options, the Sandman quickly became a favourite for the Australian public and has since become somewhat of a cultural icon, something that not even Holden would have dreamt of when they released the original HQ version in 1974.

The HZ series were the last Sandmans offered for sale from 1977 to 1979. Released with a V8 engine, bucket seats and Radial Tuned Suspension as standard with GTS components including the dash, steering wheel, rally rims and front lower scoop, the HZs were perhaps the ultimate Sandmans.

The Windsor Blue is an amazing colour and suits the Sandman body shape beautifully. The now familiar surfboard profile side stripes and iconic Sandman lettering on the tailgate help make this such an iconic Aussie car. This is the first HZ Sandman model we've produced with the Buckskin interior, which provides a nice point of difference to our previous Sandmans and a great contrast to the bodywork.

Produced in high quality die-cast with opening parts and a detailed engine, interior and high quality finishing, this is an exceptional model car that will be highly sought after as stock is very limited.


1:12 HSV GTSR W1

Biante Model Cars are very proud to announce the first model from the stunning 2017 HSV GTSR range. This week we are releasing the huge 1:12 scale GTSR W1 in Light My Fire.

These are part of a project we have been working on with HSV to provide something very special for both model collectors and the very proud owners of the 1:1 versions.

These are our first foray into 1:12 road cars and we haven’t held back. Developed directly from the genuine HSV CAD data, these models are as accurate in shape as is possible in model form. We’ve also added extra details like metal etch parts for the brake discs and front grille mesh, together with all the little details that distinguish the W1 from the GTSR such as the Pirelli P-Zero tyres, carbon fibre detailing and W1 badging. We’ve even gone so far that if you turn the W1 model over you will see the dry sump of the fire-breathing LS9 engine!

Produced in high quality sealed body resin, these 1:12 GTSR W1s are finely crafted collectables, with production quantities purely based on the number of orders received.

As with all Biante 1:12 scale models, these items will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and premium packaging.

Both items will be available to purchase online at from 12:00 midday (WST) Wednesday, June 26th.