Biante Website Releases - Friday November 11

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Biante Website Releases - Friday November 11

This week we’re very pleased to be releasing new models from GT-Spirit and Otto. One of this weeks releases is the 1:18 Scale Ruf CTR2 Porsche 911 (993) which you can see above and it’s a very interesting model car.

Ruf is a German car manufacturer who specialise in creating performance enhanced vehicles from Porsche chassis. They are historically known for creating the CTR in 1987 which was based on a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 and held the status of the worlds fastest production vehicle for a number of years. The CTR2 was the follow up to that car and it obviously had some big shoes to fill when it was released in 1995. Based on the 993 chassis 911 turbo and produced in extremely limited quantities with a raft of performance modifications, the CTR2 was capable of hitting 0-60mph in under 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 220mph (354km/ph). The abilities of this supercar made it one of the fastest production cars of the time with the iconic McLaren F1 the only car to have its measure.

The 1:18 Scale replica of the CTR2 is a beautiful edition produced by GT-Spirit. The exterior shape, lines and finishing are all very nicely presented given it’s a sealed body model. Despite it being sealed, the clear windows show a nicely detailed interior. Produced in a limited edition of only 1250 pieces worldwide, this is a model for all supercar enthusiasts.

Also available this week are the models pictured below which have been produced in sealed body 1:18 Scale. There’s some impressive collectors items there with the 1998 LeMans 24 Hour Porsche 911 (993), and the 1992 Tour De Corse Ford Sierra being two notable releases. Don’t miss them when we make them available to purchase online from 12 Midday WST Tomorrow, Friday November 11.