Biante Special Announcement

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Biante Special Announcement

Late last year, Downies Collectables welcomed Biante Model Cars into the fold and added a new exciting member to their family. While it has seemed like business as usual for the casual observer, the teams at Biante and Downies have been working tirelessly in the background to build an exciting future.

Biante has been developing a range of impressive new projects to unveil over the coming years (of which we hope to start revealing some soon!), and Downies has been working on something just as appealing.

Many of the Biante enthusiasts (myself included) will fondly remember the early days of model car collecting in Australia when Trevor and Bev Young formed the company and did an amazing job of encouraging and growing the industry.
One young employee at the time who played a hugely significant role during this period was Richard Poole. Starting in 2001 as the Website Manager, he then moved into Research and Development, before finally settling into the General Manager position.
Late in 2009 Richard, together with his wife Samantha, made a leap of faith and formed their own Model Car business, Apex Replicas. Starting off modestly but bringing his usual high level of professionalism he has grown the business in the last eight years to be a much larger and highly regarded part of the industry.
Downies recognised this early on and are now proud to announce that they have brought Apex Replicas into the fold of the Downies/Biante family.

There will be many questions from our collectors and stockists but for now the 2 businesses will operate as normal. For the next few months we will be concentrating on how to make the transition go as smooth as possible and also find ways we can benefit all our customers.
In the meantime, please feel free to get in contact should you have any questions whatsoever. We will do our best to help where possible.

This is an incredibly exciting proposition as it not only brings 2 fantastic businesses together, but also welcomes Richard back into the family where he first started many years ago. It’s an opportunity I’m thrilled about and, together with Richard, we will be working diligently to bring the 2 companies in sync and building on our strengths to develop an even more exhilarating future.

Julian Fogarty
Business Manager
Biante Model Cars